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Since 2000, Advanced Nutrients has been helping agricultural, horticultural and livestock producers boost returns and reduce farming risks by developing innovative fertiliser solutions which cost less and deliver more.

Advanced Nutrients products are sold throughout Australia and exported to Africa, Asia and the Middle East - giving growers in these diverse markets a better, more reliable farming system.

Only Advanced Nutrients has the innovative products such as coated ‘Black’ controlled release fertilisers, high analysis liquid fertilisers - together with the expertise to help you understand the link between soil fertility and plant nutrition to unlock your true productive potential.


People are talking about Black Urea® and they’re talking results. Results on how they are Maximizing their profits while Minimizing their input costs. The key to the Black Fertiliser is it enables you to apply 25 – 30% less than your ordinary fertiliser
for the same result.

Black Fertiliser Technology works by
making small improvements to
each leg of the nitrogen cycle in
your soil. By using biological
processes to stabilize nutrients
in the soil, this promotes less
volatilization and leaching.
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